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Dr. Jim Ligon

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Jim Ligon has broad expertise in plant-microbe interactions and the R&D of genetically modified crops.  He had a long and successful research career in the area of the control of plant pathogens with beneficial microorganisms and in the genetics and biochemistry of interesting bioactive metabolites.  Dr. Ligon worked for many years with companies, including Syngenta Biotechnology, BASF Plant Science, and Agrivida, Inc. in achieving regulatory approvals for crops developed using biotechnology and for animal feed enzyme products.  He spent several years working with Bayer CropScience in helping them to build and implement a robust seeds stewardship program.  Dr. Ligon is currently working for various companies in a consulting role to assist them in developing good seeds stewardship practices and in achieving regulatory approvals for the commercialization of genetically modified crops and products derived from them. In addition, Dr. Ligon was the recipient in 2005 of the Outstanding Alumnus Award from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at North Carolina State University where he taught classes in microbial biotechnology and where he is currently an Adjunct Professor.

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