Dr. Elliot Gordon


Elliot Gordon started his career at the Frederick Cancer Research Center under the second Administrator of the EPA, Russell Train. Since then he has worked both in Contract Research Organizations as study director and agricultural pesticide companies, developing data for registration and re-registration. He had a 33-year career with ADAMA, both on staff and as a consultant. He worked with EPA scientists and managers to change the cancer classification of the fungicide captan from “B2” to “not likely,” based on mechanistic studies. Elliot obtained an EPA registration for TDA Research’s Handheld Electrochemical Decon device for combating anthrax. He contributed to the Endocrine Policy Forum, Exposure Task Forces and Crop Life America’s toxicology roundtable.  He has authored or co-authored textbook chapters on pesticides and the conduct of human risk assessments. Upon graduation from Cornell, he was commissioned in the US Navy reserve and retired as Commander in 1990.

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